About Us

About Us

Welcome to Apex's Niu FBA Factory.

Apex's Niu FBA Factory takes pride in enhancing international standards of optical brightener to greater heights.

Apex's Niu FBA Factory is engaged in manufacturing activity of Fluorescent Brightening Agent for Polyester Fabrics and it’s blends since 20 years under the trade name of Niu®. The annual production of Fluorescent Brightening Agent is 150 MT, considering growing global demand the future target is projected to produce 300 MT. per annum.

Niu®’s are florescent brightening agent for polyester fibers. It has got very good yield & gives brilliant whitening effect, which has good fastness to sublimation, light, & washing. It is available as non-ionic fluid dispersion greenish yellow in colour. The dispersion is miscible with water and can be diluted to any desired concentration by adding water to it.


Years of Experience


The management is fully controlled by proprietor, Sandip Shah who have gained 20 Years of valued experience in the field of Manufacturing, Application, Marketing, Finance. Sandip Shah is very well supported by Scientist Dr. Krisha Kurtkoti and Technical Advisor and consultant Mr. Bharat Bhavsar both with 30 years of experience with Multinationals, Professional experts and Chartered Accountants with their responsibility properly divided. The management thrives to work professionally to set highest standard for other employees to follow.

Company Abilities.

Apex's Niu FBA Factory has over the years established reputation for its quality, reliability and customer satisfaction among the valued clients. We cater to the needs of major textile group as well as to number of medium & small-scale units. Apex's Niu FBA Factory has gained credibility through close interaction amongst the entire spectrum of clients. It is the matter of great pride to claim that our product is highly acceptable in terms of the quality, and price competitiveness compared to the brands known internationally and offered by BASF/BAYER. Apex's Niu FBA Factory have already established it's product in Korea, Argentina and various other international market besides it's high acceptability domestic market at Surat, Mumbai, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Pali, Delhi, Haryana, Ahmedabad

Apex's Niu FBA Factory Your Efficient Associate.

Our priority is in human relationships, open communication, international out look and professionalism. After 20 years of experience Apex's Niu FBA Factory is now one of the Asian leaders & competent international manufacturer of Optical Brightening Agent. We strive to establish long lasting relationships with our consumers & distributors. Our freedom of action, together with the reliability of our quality which is better than the best in international market, timely delivery, competitive pricing, makes Apex's Niu FBA Factory your real alternative for Fluorescent Brightening Agent.

Acceptability in Market.

It is the matter of great pride to claim that our products "Niu®” are highly acceptable in terms of the quality, consumption/yield and price competitiveness compared to the brands known internationally and offered by Multinational units like BASF/BAYER.

Apex's Niu FBA Factory Committed To Environment.

Our unit is environment and eco friendly. Though being a chemical processing house we have maintained strict pollution control measures in our operations to ensure healthy environment. We have not allowed any type of ill effects on the homely hygienic surrounding atmosphere/environment, plants, birds & other creatures and human beings and of course we value the life and safety of our co-workers. As a moral commitment to environment we have created green belt zone in factory premises by growing plantations, vegetables, lots of trees and have created garden effect by setting waterfalls etc. Our efforts in the direction are appreciated by our visitors to the factory who carries back the pleasant memory of atmosphere prevailing in our factory. Healthiness of environment and our employees is our prime responsibility prior running the chemical factory. We love nature and it's environment and are committed to protect the same.