Niu® White SFR Liquid

Niu® White SFR Liquid

Niu® White SFR Liquid is Fluorescence Brightening Agent for polyester fibers. It gives brilliant Whitening effect, which has high fastness to sublimation, light and wet processing. It can be applied by low or high temperature exhaust or pad-thermosol method and suitable for whitening on texturised polyester and polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose. It is available as nonionic fluid dispersion Greenish yellow in colour. The dispersion is miscible with water and can be diluted to any desired concentration by adding soft water to it. All characteristics are similar to those applicable for low temperature fixation. In exhaust process even at 115ºC it gives excellent whiteness on polyester Texturised yarn and fabric. It is stable to acids and alkalies, gives excellent fluorescent whitening effect at a wide range of pH value. It gives slightly reddish tint on fabric.


Exhaust Method:-

Preparation of Dispersion.

The required amount of Niu® White SFR Liquid is weighed out and stirred with 20 times of its weight of soft water at room temperature. The required volumes are made up adding more soft water.

  • High-Temperature Method
  • The bath is prepared with
  • 0.1-0.5% Niu® White SFR Liquid
  • 1.0 g/l Suitable dispersing agent
  • PH 4.5-5.5 with acetic acid
  • Material to liquor ratio 1:10

The material is entered at about 50º C and the temperature is slowly raised to 115ºC- 130ºC within 30 minutes. The treatment is continued at this temperature for about 30 minutes. The material is then washed in cold water and soaped at 60º-70º C for 10-15 minutes in 2g/l. neutral detergents.

Pad - Thermosol Method :-


The fabric is padded through a pad-liquor containing 1-5 g/l Niu® White SFR Liquid at room temperature keeping 60-70% expression. The padded fabric is dried at approximately 120º C.


The fixation condition depends on fabric construction. Heavy or densely woven fabric requires higher fixation temperature or longer fixation time than lighter fabric with open weave. However, following fixation condition may be taken as general recommendation:

  • For normal polyester & polyester/cotton: 180º - 195º C. for 30 seconds.
  • For Texturised Polyester: 170º - 180ºC for 30 seconds
  • The thermo fixed material may be given rinsing and light soaping treatment with 2g/l neutral detergent at 60º - 70º C. for 10 -15 minutes.