Application Areas

Our technical literature is enclosed herewith for application of Niu®’s by pad thermosol method and exhaust method suitable for whitening effect on texturised polyester, Polyester/Cotton & Knitted goods produced from texturised polyester, & filament yarn. However it can be also applied by exhaustion method at the boiling temperature in the presence of carrier, one stage scouring-bleaching and whitening can also be done.

High Performance Fluorescent Brighteners.

Products Applications
Niu® White T/C Low temperature fixation whitener for polyester/cotton, polyester/ viscose and blends of polyester yarn and fabrics.
Niu® White ERN Low temperature fixation whitener for polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and blends of polyester yarn and fabrics.
Niu® Brightener OB - FBA Whitening of Thermoplastics PE, PS. ABS. Paint, Ink, Coating.
Niu® White EBF Whitening of Polyester, PES. Cellulose blends, Nylon, Triacetate, Polyvinyl chloride.
Niu® Brightener OB - 1 - FBA Outstanding whitener for Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene textiles fibers, Acrylics, films and sheet.
Niu® Brightener FP - FBA Highly effective in Thermoplastics, Acrylics, Polyurethane's, Polyvinyl, Styrene Homo and Co-Polymer, Polyolefins.
Niu® Brightener ERN - FBA Brightening of PVC, PS, PP, Polyester films, ABS, Organic glass, & Polyester - Acetate - Triacetate - Polyvinyl chloride fibers and their blends.
Niu® Brightener ATN - FBA Mainly used for whitening of Polyester fibers and it's blends.
Niu® Brightener - FBA-140 Brightener for Polyamide, cellulose fiber and Polyamide and cellulose blends.
Niu® Brightener - FBA - 52 For whitening of Wool, Natural Silk, Jinlun, Acetate and Triacete.
Niu® Brightener Powder - FBA PE, PP, PVC, and while dyeing and blooming of polyester fibers.